Technology Solutions presents ‘next generation social prescribing’

On May 18, members of the PCG Technology Solutions team in the UK represented PCG at a one-day conference to present its technology solution for ‘social prescribing.’

The event, organised by the King’s Fund, brought together more than 400 senior representatives including national and local leaders for strategic collaboration and sharing of best practices. The event was a sell-out within weeks, attracting double the number of expected delegates, demonstrating the significant appetite for social prescribing in the UK.

Such was the level of interest that the Prince of Wales, President of the King’s Fund attended to show his support for the innovative work that is taking place in this area.

Social prescribing involves empowering individuals to improve their health and wellbeing by connecting them to non-medical sources of support, particularly from their local communities. Significant evidence is emerging on the benefits of engaging people in social prescribing. 

Across the UK’s Sustainability and Transformation areas, 75 percent now include social prescribing as part of their strategies to meet health, social care, and wellbeing needs.

Anticipating market demand in this area, Technology Solutions has formed a unique partnership with Evergreen Life (an accredited NHS technology supplier) to combine online patient facing services, such as access to health records, with its community directory and eMarkeptlace solutions. This will be the first product on the market that enables patients to access their health records online and receive personalised, automated suggestions on community groups, activities and support, using data from their medical records. 

At the event, Technology Solutions and Evergreen Life had the opportunity to host a workshop which was attended by almost 100 delegates. 

Commenting on the conference, Claire Hewitt, director at PCG Technology Solutions, said: “This was the largest event the King’s Fund has ever hosted and the interest in this area is remarkable. Technology has the potential to help social prescribing scale-up significantly and our partnership with Evergreen Life puts us in a very strong market position to do this.”

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