Pride and Passion

Matt Sorrentino

“I bring a lot of passion to my work each and every day.  We don’t work with Medicaid patients directly, but what we do generates a lot of federal dollars and ensures they are being spent in the most effective manner possible to make a difference in people’s lives.  That’s something I take a lot of pride in.”

--Matt Sorrentino

Since graduating from Bentely College in 2002, Matt Sorrentino has risen from a business analyst in the Boston office to becoming a manager in the Austin office, but always within the Health practice area.  The erstwhile finance major helped to establish PCG’s presence in Texas in 2004, and since then has focused on helping state Medicaid programs increase revenue and improve outcomes for patients.

For the past year, Matt has increasingly focused on value-based purchasing (VBP), helping states change from a program that reimburses for quantity of services provided to one that pays for the quality of results that are delivered.  Even with the uncertainty surrounding the new Congress and administration, he sees bipartisan support for VBP.  When combined with better care coordination, more accountability, and better incentives, VBP can bring about lower costs and enhanced quality in the healthcare system.

With new leadership in Washington, Matt foresees a greater role for states in determining how they will spend the Medicaid dollars allotted to them from the federal government.  States will likely have more flexibility in determining their own priorities, and the specific needs of the populations on which they want to concentrate their efforts.  

Keeping an eye on the healthcare horizon, there is also the possibility that Medicaid patients may be held more accountable and asked to take on a greater share of the costs.  Additional eligibility criteria may be added, and copays and deductibles may be imposed.