A Practical Framework for Building a Data-Driven District or School: How a Focus on Data Quality, Capacity, and Culture Supports Data-Driven Action to Improve Student Outcomes

The current age of greater accountability in schools has challenged educators to seek effective ways to incorporate data into their decision making processes from the central office to the classroom. However, this is not just a matter of collecting more data. For data to inform decisions about policy, programs, practice, and student placement, three critical factors need to be taken into consideration: data quality, data capacity, and data culture. This White Paper describes a research-grounded model for data use and discusses these three factors, why they are important, and how they support effective data use in schools and districts. [More]

H.R. 4213 Gets Overhaul in the Senate

As of June 16, Congress continues to struggle with passing H.R. 4213, The American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010. A constant flow of amendments have been brought to the Senate floor with very few being accepted into H.R. 4213. The goal of this bill is to extend relief to cash-strapped states to prevent cuts to Medicaid, social services and programs, and jobs. [More]