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PCG has been active in Canadian school districts for nearly a decade. Today, PCG serves districts and schools in four provinces with our experienced staff in Ontario, Montreal, and British Columbia, offering the leading Canadian comprehensive special education management software solution (IEP Online™), instructional management systems (EdPlan IMS™), and our district data warehousing solution (Skopus™), to name just a few. PCG has also worked with districts across the country to provide professional development on Data Literacy for principals, central office, and other educators, as well as services focused on strategic planning.


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PCG is focused on supporting Polish special education practitioners and academic researchers who are shaping the future of special education curriculum and instruction. The firm is also assisting municipalities and community hospitals with their health care reform efforts. PCG has a long term vision of collaboration with municipalities, schools, hospitals, social services agencies, and academia to find innovative ways to enhance public service in Poland and the world.


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United Kingdom

PCG recently opened an office in London, United Kingdom. The firm is currently leveraging its expertise in a number of areas, including workforce services, financial and support services for participant-directed care programs, and education consulting to pursue opportunities help organizations in the UK and Europe to enhance public service.


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