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Increase the community impact of workforce development programs.


As the U.S. economy undergoes structural changes, the skills employers demand are changing too. A growing skills gap in the country's workforce threatens economic growth and the livelihoods of millions of workers and their families. State and local workforce investment boards and organizations are working to close this gap, but increasing demand, growing reporting and monitoring requirements, and shrinking allocations pose challenges to the publicly funded workforce development system. PCG's workforce development experts understand these issues and offer services to help workforce development organizations increase program impact.


Operations Management, Process Improvements, New Program Design

PCG offers expertise to help your organization achieve its performance goals, from improving direct service delivery operations to business process improvement projects, to designing an entirely new program model. 

  • One-Stop management and direct service delivery
  • Program design/redesign and implementation
  • Business process improvement consulting
  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) overpayment avoidance and collections

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

PCG offers both administrative/policy and programmatic consulting services to help your organization better manage the increasing and changing demands on professional workforce staff.  As the volume of customers and the increasingly diverse needs of today’s jobseekers and employers increase, a more flexible, efficient, and informed service delivery operation is required – from the front line to the back office.  Staff and management must be equipped to adapt to the changing regional employment marketplace in order to offer relevant and effective services to a wide-range of customers, from local employers to white collar workers with an advanced degrees to individuals with minimal work experience and multiple barriers to employment.

Administration & Policy

  • Federal and state policy technical assistance and training
  • Workforce Investment Board (WIB)member development and strategic planning
  • Program management assistance and training

Programs & Services

  • Business engagement training
  • Dislocated and Rapid Response training
  • LMI and sector analysis training
  • Customer service skills training
  • Applying social media
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) development

Collaboration and Leveraging Resources

PCG offers several approaches to facilitate successful collaborations, alignments, and partnerships between WIBs and local community organizations, from concept to reality.  Coordinating and aligning the broader workforce development system is critical for state and local workforce areas to proactively address the growing skills gap and high demand for job-seeker services amidst diminishing resources.  PCG’s deep fiscal and regulatory consulting heritage can help address a root barrier to collaboration: regulatory spending constraints among the different federal funding sources that often prevent even the most well intended collaborations from taking hold.

  • WIA/Wagner-Peyser program integration design and change management
  • WIA/Wagner-Peyser and TANF integration
  • Cost allocation plan development to enable program staff to serve common customers paid through multiple funding streams
  • Community capacity assessments
  • Collaborative strategic planning
  • Partner engagement and facilitation

Fiscal Services

PCG offers an array of fiscal consulting services that supports the next-generation workforce development system, including approaches to integrate multiple federal funding sources into service delivery programs, administrative preparation for  audit reviews, and proactive fiscal compliance monitoring.   For more than 25 years, PCG has been creating and implementing innovative public sector fiscal strategies that maximize federal revenue, minimize audit risks, allocate expenditures appropriately, and establish sound fiscal operational platforms that comply with state and federal laws, regulation, and OMB guidance.   

  • Cost Allocation Plan development
  • Audit preparation
  • Fiscal monitoring
  • Procurement, purchasing, and contract management

Performance, Evaluation, and Analysis

In a time of tightening government budgets and strict reporting requirements, it is increasingly important for publicly funded programs to demonstrate impact, effectiveness, and an ability to continuously improve. PCG can help organizations develop the reporting and analysis infrastructure to benchmark and monitor program performance on an ongoing basis.  Our proven gap analysis methodology can identify and provide solutions for service and skill gaps in a region, helping workforce systems make data driven investment decisions.

  • Program evaluation
  • Service, training and skills gap analysis
  • Return on investment studies and cost-benefit analysis
  • One-Stop certification and assessments
  • Development of program performance dashboards and reporting systems
  • Data analysis

Workforce Consulting for CTE and Community Colleges

Through our expertise in workforce development programs, PCG is well-positioned to support community colleges in gaining access to workforce funding and in management and reporting of those funds. PCG understands the challenges associated with workforce funding and offers best practice solutions based on our years of experience in the field. Our team of experts can serve as your institution's strategic advisor in your grants management efforts, offering support in establishing effective data management systems and internal controls and implementing process improvements in the management of workforce program efforts.


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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Technical Assistance and Guidance

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was signed into law by President Obama on July 22, 2014. The Act reauthorizes the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 with several key changes in areas such as Workforce Development Boards structure; One-Stop Operations; Job-Driven Training for Adults and Dislocated Workers; Integrated Performance and Youth Services, to name a few.

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More Information

For more information about PCG Human Service's Workforce Development Services please contact us at info@publicconsultinggroup.com or 1-800-210-6113.