Is your agency struggling to achieve sustained employment for hard-to-serve client populations? Do you have questions about the effectiveness of your work programs or the proper allocation of resources to these programs?


Historically disadvantaged, refugees and disabled persons face a number of barriers to sustained employment. Using best practice research and direct experience, PCG offers a comprehensive approach to help health and human services agencies to analyze the obstacles facing these vulnerable clients, plan effective strategies for addressing the challenges, and engage clients in appropriate work and work-related activities. Our areas of expertise in public sector employment and work force services include

  • Program design and development consulting
  • Program and statistical analysis consulting
  • Employment services operations

PCG approaches public sector employment/workforce services with practical experience across the program continuum – from designing programs, to analyzing program performance, to executing fully outsourced government operations.


PCG offers a clear strategy to help welfare recipients, refugees, and other client populations to gain and sustain employment and offers support services to help clients maintain work activities.


Case Management

Our team uses a comprehensive, integrated set of services to help clients of public sector agencies to address their current employment barriers and to guide them on their path to sustained employment.

  • A comprehensive client assessment to identify strengths as well as barriers to employment;
  • Provision of ancillary payment services, including child care and transportation;
  • Job readiness and/or preparedness classes;
  • Job search assistance;
  • Assistance in identifying necessary adjunct services; and
  • Employment advising and case management.

Networking for Success

Networking is an important component to an effective job search. To help in this process, PCG partners with a number of key agencies that can assist clients

  • Job-readiness organizations
  • Refugee organizations
  • Workforce development organizations
  • Community colleges and other higher education institutions
  • Mental health and drug and alcohol programs
  • Selected community organizations

Program and Statistical Analysis

PCG's significant consulting experience with TANF work programs allows us to perform effective gap and statistical analysis services to help employment and workforce services organizations to best use existing program resources. From our analysis, PCG is able to offer research-based recommendations for improvements to work programs.

  • To date, our program and statistical analysis services have included:
  • Public workforce services mapping;
  • Case and service data gathering from partners that provide employment services;
  • Recipient matching, using unemployment and TANF data maintained by the state;
  • Predictive statistical analysis to address research questions;
  • Regression model analysis of caseloads and other data;
  • Development and use of an Excel-based budget allocation tool;

Program Design

PCG's program design services aim to help public agencies design effective, efficient work programs that help clients to overcome obstacles to sustained employment and engage in work activities that best suit their capabilities.


To date, our public work program design services have included:

  • Research of best practices in other states/jurisdictions;
  • Research of state and federal laws and regulations to support program changes and adherence to new requirements;
  • Analysis of longitudinal extract data on program clients to identify trends and to create future performance projections;
  • Identification of new sources of revenue, including TANF maintenance of effort (MOE) funding;
  • Evaluation of the fiscal impacts of recommended policy changes;
  • Policy briefs describing key elements of new program designs;
  • A comprehensive report detailing policy options, fiscal analysis, and programmatic best practices.

Workforce Development Services

As the U.S. economy undergoes structural changes, the skills employers demand are changing too. A growing skills gap in the country's workforce threatens economic growth and the livelihoods of millions of workers and their families. State and local workforce investment boards and organizations are working to close this gap, but increasing demand, growing reporting and monitoring requirements, and shrinking allocations pose challenges to the publicly funded workforce development system. PCG's workforce development experts understand these issues and offer services to help workforce development organizations increase program impact.

  • Operations Management, Process Improvements, New Program Design
  • Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
  • Collaboration and Leveraging Resources
  • Fiscal Services
  • Performance, Evaluation, and Analysis

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