Put Our 25 Years of Agency Financial Management Consulting to Work for You.


Public Consulting Group (PCG) has been helping state health and human services agencies to manage federal revenue, internal controls, and purchase of service for 25 years. Our knowledge of federal guidelines, industry standards, and best practices can help your agency develop clear and accurate financial management practices for vocational rehabilitation services.


PCG helps states analyze and understand programmatic and financial aspects of a wide array of vocational rehabilitation (VR) services, including

  • Work Evaluation
  • Job Coaching
  • Job Development
  • Supported Employment
  • Job Retention
  • Youth Work Experiences
  • Job Try-out
  • Rehab Technology

Our Services

PCG helps VR agencies manage enhancement of internal controls, purchase of service administration, and other aspects of financial management:

Financial Management

PCG can help VR agencies enhance their state match to maximize federal revenue. PCG can

  • Perform required community needs assessments and identify opportunities to claim Community Rehabilitation programs (CRP) as state match.
  • Identify and help implement Third Party Cooperative agreements
  • Analyze the cost-benefit of Inter-Agency transfers.

Risk Management

All public agencies face administrative and fiscal risks, but vocational rehabilitation agencies have unique challenges given their highneeds service population, the increasing prominence of waiver programs, and the stringent reporting and spending requirements of their multiple federal funding streams. PCG can

  • Help agencies reduce their exposure to risk.
  • Inform agencies about internal controls models and practices that make sense in the VR context.
  • Develop tools to clarify and document agency controls.
  • Facilitate production of a consolidated Internal Controls Plan that can serve as a guide for both management and staff.

Purchase of Service

PCG works with clients to understand the goals of their purchase of service. We seek to understand the services that our clients want to purchase and programmatic considerations in order to map these factors to the reimbursement structure. We use a variety of tools to collect essential programmatic and financial information, including web- and Excel-based cost and service surveys. PCG can

  • Clarify agency goals and objectives in rate and reimbursement methodology.
  • Benchmark state-specific rates to national standards and peer states.
  • Identify and factor in federal funding sources.
  • Develop a payment structure aligned with agency priorities.
  • Set payment rates.

Ask about PCG's Vocational Rehabilitation Consulting projects with

  • State of Kansas Rehabilitation Services
  • State of Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services
  • State of Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services
  • State of Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission
  • State of Florida, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • State of New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

More Information

PCG's financial management services for VR programs can help your agency with technical assistance on the claiming to federal VR revenue sources, enhanced internal controls and risk mitigation, and coherent rate structures. For more information about PCG Human Service's Vocational Rehabilitation Financial Management Services please contact us at info@publicconsultinggroup.com or 1-800-210-6113.