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State veterans agencies must navigate a complex web of state and federal eligibility and regulatory processes in their delivery of services. Veterans’ agencies are under increased pressure from multiple stakeholders to drastically improve veterans’ services and associated outcomes. Such outcomes are expected of state agencies despite budgetary constraints, limited staff and often an inadequate aging technology infrastructure.


Our solutions will help your agency navigate this complex web and serve a diverse veteran population with very specialized and varied needs – from health benefits and financial assistance to disability, employment, and education services.

What's Your Goal?

To best serve your veterans' most pressing needs.

We shall customize your veterans' most pressing needs.

  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Business process redesign
  • Revenue maximization
  • Cost Avoidance
  • Consumer Directed Services

Why PCG?

Public Consulting Group believes (PCG) that state and local government agencies can better serve their populations. We are committed to helping our clients meet their goals and objectives by providing industry-leading management consulting and technology. Our success as a firm is ultimately determined by improved performance measures of our clients.


For nearly 30 years, PCG has helped state and local governments optimize resources, improve business processes, utilize performance-based decision making and increase compliance. We have developed a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements and fiscal constraints that often dictate a public agency’s ability to meet the needs of the populations it serves.

Proven Results

In Ohio, PCG examined the current structure and function of veterans’ services at the state and local government levels and throughout the country to identify best practices and facilitate comparisons between Ohio’s model for the provision of veterans’ services and alternative models elsewhere in the U.S. The study assisted Ohio Department of Veterans Services with its goal of continuous improvement in state and county-level provision of veterans’ services.


For Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA), PCG provided an agency-wide evaluation of veterans’ benefits and assistance operations. PCG assessed the Department’s organizational structure and business operations to identify opportunities for improvement that will drive IDVA towards providing better services to Hoosier veterans. Specifically, our evaluation focused on enhancing organizational strategy, effectiveness, and operations. For example, our research and analysis revealed that on average, IDVA could bring in 58 percent more federal revenue to the Indiana economy. PCG provided IDVA with 10 deliverables including an actionable implementation plan for IDVA to fulfill the recommendations. Recommendations focused on moving IDVA to a new organizational business model that utilizes partners, harnesses the expertise of the many other Indiana-based veterans’ agencies and leverages technology to effectively coordinate service delivery.

Veteran Services Consulting includes

Federal VA Revenue Maximization

PCG will help your state increase federal revenue drawdown by increasing the number of veterans receiving the full package of federal benefits for which they are eligible, while reducing the financial burden on state benefits programs.

  • Working with your veterans’ agency and the health and human services department(s), PCG will identify hard-to-reach veterans and enroll them onto federal benefits (pension, disability compensation, VA health among others.
  • This strategy will ensure that your state ranks higher in the VA Geographic Distribution of Expenditures (GDX) report that provides the nationally-recognized measure of federal benefits.
  • PCG will use Medicaid and PARIS (Public Assistance Reporting Information System) data to identify and assist veterans and their families, to transition from state-funded services to the maximum federally-funded benefits for which they are eligible.
  • States (WA, KA, and PA) have already reported annual saving ranging from $2million to $6million.

Financial Management of Home and Community Based Services

PCG Public Partnerships is a national leader in the provision of vendor fiscal/employer agent services and currently serves as the fiscal intermediary in five states for the Veteran-Directed HCBS program. Veterans can participate in the development of their individual budget to hire personal care attendants and goods and services that assist them with daily living activities. Our customized Web-Portal allows VAMC administrators to track referrals, monitor Veteran services and run a variety of demographic and expenditure reports in real time. Veterans are empowered to manage their own care while often times hiring other veterans to provide community habilitation and attendant care services. With all individual budgets, timesheets and invoicing stored electronically, VAMCs can offer Veterans maximum choice and control over their services while effectively managing costs.

Organizational effectiveness

Our team of experts can help your agency define its mission, values, and goals and create actionable strategic and organizational plans. With these tools, you will achieve better outcomes for veterans in your state through a diagnostic assessment of organizational strengths, gaps, and root causes for gaps. We can help you effectively manage organizational changes such as service integration or agency re-organization through careful planning, implementation, and monitoring. And we can help your organization develop leadership skills and workforce capacity for continuous improvement.


Our organizational effectiveness consultants facilitate real-world teams through the DAPIM™1 process. At the conclusion of this work, clients are left with immediate, actionable recommendations, as well as the tools and skills for continuous improvement that can be implemented independently in the future. Implementing our recommendations will make your state agency stronger and more coordinated enabling you to deliver high quality services to a larger veteran population.


Business process redesign

PCG can assess your current business processes to determine areas for increased efficiency and effectiveness. During this process, PCG will perform an As-Is Business Process Analysis of your agency, taking the time to understand your state’s process and the unique needs of your veteran population. Information may be collected through stakeholder engagement sessions, surveys/focus groups, IT gap analysis, or workforce analysis and will include best practices from other states.


After a thorough analysis of PCG’s findings, we shall develop a series of deliverables to help guide the vision of where your agency wants to be during and after a business process redesign. Deliverables may include communications plans, implementation plans, trainings, data toolkits, change management toolkits, and more. After implementation, with high-level input and boots-on-the-ground technical assistance, PCG will develop key performance indicators to allow your agency to track the process of your operations on an on-going basis.


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