In an effort to promote program integrity, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Administration for Children and Families (ACF) recently embarked on a new project to focus on TANF single state audit findings. This initiative could impact your state's TANF program in a profound way – the HHS leadership has indicated that sanctions will result when states fail to take action that corrects findings related to fraud, waste, abuse, and other improper payments.

State TANF findings include

    • Failure to establish proper oversight controls, resulting in
    • Overpayment of benefits
    • Vendors providing services that are not properly documented and authorized
    • Improper documentation of client status

Inaccurate reporting of TANF expenditures on federal reports, such as

  • Failure to provide supporting documentation
  • Failure to follow previous audit requirements
  • Potential dual claiming

PCG Human Services can help you promote integrity in your TANF program. We have the knowledge and expertise states need to avoid, address, and resolve TANF audit findings.

PCG Services

PCG can help states address TANF audit findings across a range of areas:

Use of Funds

PCG will evaluate state compliance with the following requirements:

  • Expenditures are appropriately linked to one of the four goals of TANF;
  • Third-party contracts and interagency agreements are complete and meet requirements;
  • New spending tests are applied correctly;
  • Eligibility tests are conducted or reasonable estimates of the eligible population and expenditures have been developed; and
  • Case files and documentation of eligibility are maintained and accessible when required.

Child Support Non Cooperation

PCG will

  • Review child support/TANF eligibility system interfaces to identify potential gaps;
  • Propose business process modifications to attain compliance; and
  • Help states establish mechanisms to promote ongoing accountability.

Income Eligibility and Verification System (IEVS) Requirements

PCG will evaluate state compliance with IEVS requirements:

  • IEVS is utilized for all applicable participants, including diversion applicants and individuals receiving TANF funded services considered non-assistance;
  • Information received through required data sources is accurately applied to eligibility systems; and
  • Staff is properly trained to act on information from IEVS data sources.

Work Activity Sanctions

PCG will

  • Review the processes for imposing sanctions on TANF participants who are non-compliant with their work requirement;
  • Ensure state and/or contract staff are adequately trained to carry out policy as prescribed; and
  • Determine if eligibility and case management systems support the business need.

PCG TANF Expertise

PCG gained its TANF consulting expertise through a wide range of projects completed over the past 15 years for states and local governments in the areas of fiscal management, TANF and TANF MOE claiming, employment services operations, Work Participation Rate improvement, program design, evaluation, and business process review/redesign. Our staff, with skills developed working for and with TANF agencies, is uniquely qualified to provide actionable solutions to improve program integrity while maximizing outcomes for TANF participants.


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