PCG Human Services™ can significantly improve your Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Income (SSI/SSDI) allowance rates from the Social Security Administration (SSA) in the shortest possible time, with the least disruption to your organization while providing much needed services to your most vulnerable population of the low income disabled.

Benefits of Entitlement to SSI/SSDI

There are a number of advantages for state and county governments and individual recipients to implementing disability screening and application services for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and General Assistance (GA) caseloads. Among these:

Increased SSI/SSDI enrollment benefits your state and county:

  • States and counties gain from the TANF savings and federal payment of the SSI/SSDI benefit.
  • States and counties retain that savings under TANF.
  • Increased access to Medicare for some individuals found eligible for SSDI.
  • Decreased use of state general funds.
  • Increased recovery of cash aid payments through Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR).
  • Increased Medicaid eligibility for low income disabled individuals, thereby decreasing uncompensated medical costs.
  • Improve state/county financial position by moving clients onto federal disability benefits.
  • Average recovery/cost avoidance of $5,400 for SSI eligible individuals.

SSI/SSDI enrollment can impact Work Participation Rates (WPR):

Enrolling TANF recipients onto SSI allows agencies to remove these clients from their caseload and thus positively affect their Work Participant Rate (WPR) calculations. Failure to meet WPR goals can result in financial penalties, but states may avoid these WPR penalties if adults with disabilities can satisfy SSI eligibility requirements.

SSI/SSDI enrollment benefits recipients:

  • Increased monthly cash income in most instances where the monthly SSI payment ($698/mo. in 2012) is greater than the TANF payment.
  • Increased stability in housing situations due to SSI/SSDI cash benefits
  • Greater self-sufficiency for the individual.
  • Decrease risk of homelessness.
  • Average Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) of $1,800/mo. and Medicare eligibility (after 24 mo.) for SSDI eligible individuals.

The PCG Human Services Approach:

Founded by a former SSA district manager, PCG's SSAMSTM unit has an "insiders view" of the Social Security Disability process. We approach each project as a partner with SSA and state Disability Determination Services (DDS). We develop close and effective working relationships with these agencies in all of our contracts.

Our comprehensive, hands-on, and full representation package of services considers the unique needs of both our individual clientele and the state or county agency. Our services include

  • SSI and SSDI benefits application and case management for adults and children.
  • Identification of potentially eligible individuals using predictive data modeling and analytics.
  • Redeterminations and continuing disability reviews.
  • Conversion process for 18+ aged youth ageing out of foster care.
  • Case management/advocacy for TANF workforce participation program participants identified as SSI/SSDI appropriate candidates.
  • Support through all levels of the appeals process, including face-to-face hearings.
  • Financial management of awarded benefits.
  • Liaison with SSA and DDS.
  • Statewide training services.
  • SSA advocacy program assessments and recommendations.
  • Case identification and prioritization that speeds determinations and decreases overall processing time.

We actively pursue the maximum number of claims available, focusing intensively on achieving allowance at the initial level of adjudication. We provide full-service representation of our clients throughout the process, including actively seeking out the necessary medical, vocational, and functional documentation to build the strongest possible case for all of our claims. Our specialized representatives attend all face-to-face hearings with our claimants.

Ask us about our current disability benefits claiming projects for:

  • State of Wisconsin – Milwaukee County
  • State of New York – Westchester County, Monroe County and Chautauqua County
  • United Auto Workers Trust

Proven Results

Currently, PCG has an initial application allowance rate of 76% and a 90% application allowance rate at the appeals level. PCG's success rate well exceeds SSA's national average of a 25.4% initial allowance rate and a 68.6% allowance rate at the appeals level.*

Contact Us

You may contact one of our disability specialists by visiting our disability advocacy website at: www.ssireferrals.com or calling 1-800-786-9024.


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*Information obtained off of SSA's website under SSI Annual Statistical Report 2009 at http://www.socialsecurity.gov/policy/docs/stat comps/ssi_asr/2009/sect10.pdf