Does your agency act as representative payee for children's Social Security Administration benefits? Are you up to your eyeballs in reporting requirements? Do children in your care lose their benefit when their account balance is too high?

Public Consulting Group (PCG) can help.


PCG is a proven partner to child and youth provider agencies in their role as SSA Benefits Representative Payee, helping them to

  • establish financially sound cash management processes.
  • improve stewardship of client funds.
  • provide SSA funds education and training to staff members.
  • develop procedures and tools for accurate and timely completion of state and federal reporting requirements.

PCG Expertise

PCG has successfully worked with clients to develop cash management systems and processes to manage SSA benefit funds and is the largest vendor for foster children's Supplemental Security Income (SSI) advocacy in the country. We have expert administrative ability to handle projects of all sizes and a proven history of results that have enabled our clients to implement best practices in the area of SSI/ SSDI funds management.


As Social Security Administration (SSA) Benefits Representative Payee, your agency is charged with a complex set of tasks in its oversight and stewardship of children's trust fund accounts. Superior management of these accounts can

  • safeguard children's SSA benefits.
  • ensure the SSA benefits are used as intended.
  • help meet children's needs that are not covered under the Cost of Care or Medicaid.
  • make certain of the investment of excess funds.
  • minimize the break in benefits as children's placements change.
  • help children prepare for the future.
  • ascertain ongoing benefits, if eligible, as children age out of foster care.
  • avoid unnecessary loss of SSA benefits and Medicaid coverage.

PCG Human Services SSA Benefit Account Management Services

PCG can help you fulfill your Representative Payee responsibilities and enhance the management services that are provided to your clients. PCG can help to

  • develop tools that are used in the management of the benefit funds.
  • establish efficient processes for cash management and client benefit account activity.
  • assist with customization and implementation of software programs used to manage cash and transaction activity.
  • design and develop policies and procedures to properly manage client benefits.
  • assist with development of processes to enhance the investment of excess client benefit funds.
  • design client account balance processes to help prevent accounts from reaching asset limits which would otherwiseresult in a reduction of SSI benefits and Medicaid coverage.
  • provide education and training to case managers to help them understand SSA benefits and their role in the management of client benefits and to other agency staff members to help them understand their responsibilities as Representative Payee.

More Information

For more information about PCG Human Service's SSA Benefits Account Management services please contact us at or 1-800-210-6113.