Amid tightened budgets, evolving expectations for human service delivery, and increased scrutiny on operational performance, how is your agency planning for the future and managing change?


For more than 25 years, PCG has helped public sector clients meet their organizational goals. Through our partnership with the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA)'s Organizational Effectiveness Unit, PCG now offers leading-edge organizational effectiveness consulting to help agencies navigate change management and engage in continuous improvement. Our team of experts can help your agency

  • Define your mission, values, and goals and create actionable strategic plans;
  • Achieve better outcomes for children and families through a diagnostic assessment of organizational strengths, gaps, and root causes for gaps;
  • Effectively manage organizational changes such as service integration or agency re-organization through careful planning, implementation, and monitoring; and
  • Develop leadership skills and workforce capacity for ongoing continuous improvement.

State and local agencies operate within large, complex systems that serve many populations. We use a straight-forward, intuitive approach to help agencies manage and measure improvement and change efforts. In order to systematically improve something, you have to

  • Define what that thing is in operational terms;
  • Assess the related strengths and gaps and the root causes for any important gaps;
  • Plan quick wins, mid-term and longer-term improvements;
  • Implement plans with the needed tools, capacity, and communication ; and,
  • Monitor progress, impact, and lessons learned for accountability and ongoing adjustment

Our organizational effectiveness consultants facilitate real-world teams through the DAPIMâ„¢ process (use made with the permission of APHSA. All rights reserved by APHSA.). At the conclusion of this work, clients are left with immediate, actionable recommendations, as well as the tools and skills for continuous improvement that can be implemented independently in the future.

Proven Results

These organizational effectiveness techniques have been used in nearly 70 projects in more than 30 states. In North Carolina, PCG and APHSA facilitated the DAPIMâ„¢ process for staff from the state's Division of Social Services in order to create a detailed implementation plan for a second phase of competitive grant funding. Through the process, PCG and APHSA worked with the Division to identify major programmatic and operational challenges facing the state, uncover the root causes, and develop a strategic plan to address those issues, which was the basis for the application. As a result of this process, the state was awarded $1.5 million in additional grant funding.


"PCG and APHSA helped us identify the issues that were challenging us on the operational level and create a plan to fix them. Through several sessions with our team in a constructive, open environment, we were able to develop a roadmap to streamlining policies and procedures, enhancing staff development, and improving the client experience in economic services programs across our state."


Sherry Bradsher, Director North Carolina Division of Social Services

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