Take advantage of the shared client population across human services programs in your state to streamline operations, share funding opportunities, and improve delivery of public assistance benefits to low-income working families. We can help integrate many of your agency's programs into a seamless eligibility environment.

How Will Your State Benefit From Integrating Eligibility Practices?

  • Shorter processing times
  • Increased accuracy of applications
  • Decrease in duplicative submission of verifications
  • Fewer phone calls and office visits for case managers
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Potential reduced operating costs

Improvements For Clients And Caseworkers

The process to apply for most eligibility programs can feel cumbersome to customers. Many customers are repeat applicants who have come to expect a difficult process to apply for multiple programs while managing family crises and instability.


Why not leverage existing client information and eligibility determinations to provide a more rapid, effective approach to delivering benefits? By integrated both policy and technology, both clients and caseworkers will benefit from an environment that's easier to navigate, with fewer trips to the agency, shorter wait times, reduced churn, fewer phone calls, less paperwork, and increased satisfaction.

Integrated Eligibility Consulting

Let our experts help your agency to improve the back-end process and policy, integrating where policy allows, aligning where it does not. We can also help streamline and simplify common agency forms and procedures, improving the customer's experience. To simplify your process, we offer

  • Business process redesign across multiple HHS agencies, aligning processes to capitalize on internal efficiencies to provide seamless service delivery
  • Assistance with integrated eligibility technology planning and implementation
  • Aligning and integrating of policy among multiple public assistance programs, where possible and assistance with applying for and implementing waivers if not
  • Change management, coaching, and support with patented processes such as DAPIM™
  • Implementation of Electronic Document Management systems to share data across health and human services agencies

The PCG Solution

We work with your agency to develop an integrated eligibility plan that is right for your organization. Our experts capitalize on available funding by maximizing federal matches and researching grants and upcoming initiatives. Our team performs an As-Is Business Process Analysis of your agency, taking the time to understand your state's process and unique needs, relating to information sharing, policy, and procedures. With dedicated PCG personnel on your agency's project, you can expect consistent delivery of materials, recommendations, and project management. Combined, our staff offers several years of experience in human services agencies, from the grassroots level to upper public administration, giving us first-hand knowledge of common industry challenges as well as proven solutions.


After a thorough analysis of PCG's findings, we develop a roadmap for your integrated eligibility effort, taking care to include all stakeholders, decision makers, and staff members' observations. At every staffing level, we develop a series of deliverables to help guide the vision of the integration redesign project. Deliverables can include

  • Communications plan
  • Implementation plan
  • Policy alignment tool
  • Facilitation of policy integration, training
  • Policy recommendations and changes
  • Pilot plans
  • Procedural manuals
  • Technology and business requirements
  • Data toolkits
  • Change management toolkits.

After implementation, with your agency's input, PCG uses key performance indicators to allow your agency to track the process of this project and provide technical assistance as needed. Final reports, guides, and presentations are also available. We will fulfill any funding source's requirements and provide guidance to maintain your new integrated eligibility environment.

Where We Have Worked

State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Division of Medical Assistance, Division of Social Services, Division of Child Development and Early Education

Streamlined Eligibility, Business Process Redesign, Policy Alignment, and Grant Planning and Implementation

Work Support Strategies

Business Process Redesign, Policy Alignment and Integration


State of Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Department of Human Services

Work Support Strategies

Business Process Redesign, Policy Alignment


State of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services Department of Transitional Assistance

Business Process Redesign, Policy Alignment, and Electronic Document Management across HHS agencies


State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Office for Family Independence (OFI)

Business Process Redesign, Electronic Document Management and Statewide Call Center


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For more information about how PCG Human Service's Integrated Eligibility Consulting Services can help your organization and the low-income working families you serve, please contact us at info@publicconsultinggroup.com or 1-800-210-6113.