PCG Human Services provides thoughtful and innovative consulting services to help your organization operate smoothly, efficiently, and with maximum attention to proper federal reimbursement for activities and services you provide to populations in need.


We help distressed, inefficiently managed, or even healthy public sector financial operations to achieve new levels of service delivery and fiscal vitality. PCG Human Services understands that each organization requires a tailored approach, grounded in core professional management principles, to get meaningful results.  Using these principles, we provide a path to improved processes and outcomes for our clients. 


Let PCG Human Services proven experience assisting state, county, and municipal governments improve financial and operations management performance work for your organization. 

PCG Human Services Strategy and Finance Services Include

Benefits Overpayment Recovery

PCG’s Human Services Benefit Overpayment Recovery Solution can help you immediately by developing and implementing a strategic and efficient system for cash repayment collection, processing, and reporting.


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Business Process Review (BPR)

Get more out of your existing business resources by examining how work flows through your organization.  PCG Human Services works with human service agencies to identify deficiencies, pain points, and bottlenecks in current business processes and can make the necessary adjustments and re-designs to improve service delivery and efficiency.

Cost Allocation Plans (CAP)

Obtain the federal reimbursement for which you are entitled.  PCG Human Services has comprehensive national expertise in developing, implementing, and operating compliant cost allocation plans and RMTS programs, developed by seasoned experts on cost allocation principles and federal regulatory guidance.


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Performance and Contract Purchasing and Monitoring

As more government operations and services are outsourced to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, PCG Human Services recognizes the emerging need for augmented support in developing value-based purchasing strategies and monitoring service contracts.  PCG Human Services can assist in RFP development, program specification requirements, performance measurement, and program evaluation.  PCG Human Services can also help you get manpower on the ground to contracted provider sites for more effective monitoring of service delivery and documentation practices. 

Regulatory Consulting Services

The regulatory environment is cumbersome and complex. To navigate it effectively requires a seasoned set of skills. PCG Human Services has nearly 25 years of experience helping clients to maneuver through federal, state, and/or local funding rules and regulations in order to prepare compliant annual budgets, program designs, and claiming strategies and move forward with confidence.

Revenue and Expenditure Reporting

Do you face burdens in producing timely and accurate financial reports? PCG Human Servicescan help you compile and submit federal quarterly financial reports without hassle or worry.  We can leverage existing systems and resources to produce financial reports across the health and human services funding streams for submission to federal agencies on a consulting or outsourced service basis.

Revenue Enhancement

Health and human services agencies are constantly challenged to secure new revenue streams to support the increased demands for their programs and services.  With demands on funding for safety net services for needy and aging citizens driving health care and other social service costs to all-time highs, state agencies must pursue a comprehensive strategy to identify sustainable funding streams to support their missions.

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PCG Human Services Strategy and Finance Products Include

Random Moment Time Studies (RMTS)

PCG Human Services is a national leader in the review, development, and administration of Random Moment Time Studies (RMTS). We can help you maximize the recovery of funds and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations regarding the operation of time studies.

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100% Time Tracking Systems

PCG Health offers numerous time tracking options and offers its unique software, AlloTrac™, to make time tracking processes uncomplicated and easy to manage. Services include

  • Review and modification of existing time tracking processes;
  • Hosting of AlloTrac, a web-based 100% time tracking tool;
  • Develop agency or school based time tracking systems. Learn more about PCG Health's RMTS Services


More Information

For more information about PCG Human Service's Enterprise Financial Services please contact us at info@publicconsultinggroup.com or 1-800-210-6113.