As the federal government continues to place more of an emphasis on improved systems development and integration across programs, Enterprise IT solutions are more important than ever.  PCG Human Services’ subject matter expertise in this area will help to ensure that your agency is moving in the right direction.      

PCG Human Services Enterprise IT Solutions

IT Strategic Planning & Management

With declining revenue, tightened budgets and the uncertainty of the market, agencies must plan strategically for both the long and the short term.   PCG Human Services’ specializes in helping our clients to strategize, plan, implement and manage IT projects in a way that makes the most of their resources while boosting efficiency and capacity.  Our experience in this area will help to ensure your business is planning for and operating with the big picture in mind.

Business Process Review

IT systems should support operations and business decisions, not the other way around. Business processes must be well understood to design effective IT systems, and business process redesign can prevent inefficient processes from being cemented by IT development. Business process redesign is also necessary to take advantage of all the capabilities of modern technology. PCG Humans Services has a proven record of helping clients drive innovation while reducing cost and improving service delivery.  Our analysis of your people, processes and technology, will empower your organization to make change and adapt the best technologies available. 

IT Products & Solutions

PCG provides web-based IT systems used by millions of individuals and providers. Our solutions empower families to understand and direct their own services and improve quality through self-service and integration with external systems for validation. PCG Human Services has access to in-house development teams and partnerships with specialty software developers to help meet your needs.

Data Analytics

PCG Human Services’ data analytics services are customized to target and solve your 'real world' human services program problems, from identification of children and families who are high-risk, to evaluating the effectiveness of services, to state and federal reporting. Through the use of our proven data analytics capabilities, we have helped our clients increase eligibility rates, improve outcomes, decrease costs, and gain process efficiencies.   

Help Desk

Agencies today utilize a variety of enterprise IT applications to support the varying needs of their clients, and effective user technical assistance focuses on customer service and how systems need to be used in adherence to policy and standard operation guidelines.  PCG Human Services’ has extensive experience managing enterprise application support Help Desks in human service environments, and we can ensure that clients receive reliable support and service that align with your standards and expectations using industry-standard call center telephony and issue tracking software.

Knowledge Management

In a world that has become organizationally complex and demanding, the use of knowledge management processes and tools is critical to the efficacy and quality of your business processes. Knowledge Management can support your organization by providing consistent information and policy dissemination, context sensitive supports, and real-time/any-time access to critical information. Through the use of technology you can weave together processes, systems, and policy information to serve consumers, support and train staff, and manage your programs.

More Information

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