As your state moves to integrate early childhood data systems across agencies, it may struggle with data cleanliness, data sharing structures, and data governance. Public Consulting Group (PCG) can help.


PCG Human Services can strategically plan, design, and develop a system that builds linkages between your child care, education, work force, and social service data systems.

PCG Services

As states and programs continue to assess the quality and availability of early education and care, they will be met with increased demand for information-based accountability. PCG Human Services continues to gain national recognition as a thought leader in early childhood technology innovations. Our team has significant experience in the early childhood policy environment and understands the research trends that are driving the evolution of early childhood systems across the nation. Our hands-on work with early education providers and funding systems gives us a solid understanding of how these providers collect and manage data, how they are required to report data, and what data they wish they had to improve services. PCG's unique combination of early childhood programmatic, IT, operations, and financial experience has positioned us to work on system-wide issues as well as narrowly focused investigations of daily operations.


We offer a wide range of support in the design, development and implementation of

  • Integrated early childhood data systems
  • Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) support systems
  • Workforce registries
  • Child care time and attendance tracking

Added Value

PCG can add value to your early education systems project in a number of key ways:

  • In 25 years of consulting to state and local governments, we work or have worked in nearly every state and have a solid understanding of how state IT systems affect work flow and agency efficiency;
  • PCG understands the complexity of functions that state programs perform on a daily basis and can effectively judge whether a solution is likely to meet current and future business needs;
  • Our staff effectively bridges the communication gap between technical resources and program knowledge experts, a critical component for project success.

Ask us about our early education systems projects for

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


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