Early Intervention Consulting


Don’t let state budget constraints erode or eliminate services to families that benefit from your early intervention program. We can help.


Early Intervention (EI) programs face many challenges: SSIP/APR compliance, stakeholder involvement, fiscal shortfalls, and unprecedented fiscal and program accountability. Under these conditions, how can your state maintain essential EI services and ensure the long term sustainability of its EI program?


Public Consulting Group (PCG) can support your efforts to serve children and families while meeting federal requirements in a way that:

  • reduces dependency on state revenue over time
  • improves program accountability and quality
  • supports effective program design

PCG’s EI experts will help insulate your agency from external pressures by supporting the development and implementation of a strategic and efficient system for service delivery, professional development, data collection, service payment processing, and reporting.

PCG Services

Based on true experience in the field, we use a best practices approach to solving clients’ EI programmatic challenges. Services may include:

  • EI case management and payment system design
  • Central Management Office for EI
  • Redesign of accountability systems
  • Analysis and revisions of state policies, procedures, and operations
  • Financial analysis, cost reporting and rate setting
  • Professional development
  • Service and provider monitoring and quality management
  • Coordination with other programs and systems, including IT system integration design
  • Call center / help desk support

PCG Products

PCG has developed products to assist states with the day-to-day operations of their EI programs, and all of our products meet federal security standards including HIPAA, FERPA and IDEA. Configurable, web-based solutions, our products can stand-alone or be integrated with your existing systems. Our products provide states with greater flexibility, customizable web entry and custom reporting options.

Products include:

EI Billing

A statewide billing and claiming system for EI

  • Customizable functionality including validation rules, reporting, forms, training modules, and data management
  • Ability to provide legacy integration from previous state system

EI Management System (EIMS)

A case management system that houses child and provider records from EI program referral to exit including:

  • Demographics
  • Notification/Referral
  • Evaluations/Assessments
  • Financial Information
  • Early Childhood Outcomes (ECO)
  • Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)
  • Services
  • Service Logs/Notes
  • Transition
  • Exit information

EI Training Modules

Translate research into practice with innovative, web-based training modules that can be presented live and then made available to users online. Our training modules are:

  • Interactive
  • Self-paced
  • Audio-driven with follow-along text
  • Linked directly to documents, help sheets, surveys or spot testing

PCG Expertise

PCG staff members have significant experience with EI program management, including state agency executives of IDEA early intervention programs. PCG’s EI team has expertise in implementing evidence-based interventions in the area of family/ assessment and engagement as well as social emotional development. PCG has a collaborative relationship with the federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and the federal Regional Resource Center Program (RRCP).

Among our recent projects,

  • PCG currently serves as the State Fiscal Agent (SFA) to the New York EI program,
    which is the largest in the country. The SFA processes all provider, insurance, and
    Medicaid claims for the state when families make use of the state’s EI services and
    receive services from the related providers. PCG oversees the fiscal management
    and payment of claims for the state’s EI program and operates a comprehensive
    customer service center including call center and training support.
  • PCG currently provides IT consulting services to the Pennsylvania Department of
    Human Services (DHS). This project primarily supports two DHS large scale human
    services enterprise information systems, PELICAN and HCSIS.

    » PELICAN supports children’s programs, including Child Care Works for
    subsidized child care services; Provider Certification for licensing and certifying
    compliance of child care providers; Early Learning Services for quality initiatives
    including PA Pre-K Counts, Keys to Quality / Keystone STARS Integration, which
    is Pennsylvania’s program for promoting quality child care services; and, Client
    Self Service and Provider Search capabilities.

    » HCSIS provides data collection for state-level program management,
    and functions as the daily operating system for local intellectual disability
    Administrative Entities and service providers for the state Office of Long Term
    Living (OLTL), EI (OCDEL BEIS), and Office of Developmental Programs including
    Autism services (ODP).
  • PCG provides a case management data system and Medicaid Billing services for EI
    Community Based Rehabilitation Services provided by the EI Sensory and Support
    program within the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI).
  • PCG conducted a feasibility study regarding the transfer of IDEA Part C lead
    agency status from the Department of Developmental Services to the new Office
    of Early Childhood (OEC) in the state of Connecticut.
  • PCG developed four professional development training modules for home-based
    EI providers for the state of Ohio’s Help Me Grow program. The modules included:
    Working with Parents, Parent Stress Management, Improving the Parent-Child
    Relationship and Access Services in Ohio for 0-3 Year Olds.


Our EI consulting services and products offer a significant long term return on investment. Benefits to clients include:

  • Generation of new revenue and greater cost participation
  • Improved accountability
  • Improved compliance
  • Consistent operations
  • Improved service provision to families

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