Increase your ability to promote healthy developmental outcomes for the children and families you serve. We can help.


We combine capacity-building training modules with more than 27 years of experience consulting to state education and human service agencies to help client organizations deliver the most targeted and effective programs possible.


Our early childhood consulting experts use current evidence-based research to produce training modules that reflect best practices in the fields of early intervention, early childhood education, supervision of early care programs, infant mental health, parent engagement, and more. Learning materials employ an engaging, interactive presentation method combined with practicechanging content and professional development resources for sustained professional development and independent research after the institute concludes.

What Will You Learn?

Our professional development and technical assistance courses will help your organization to align program providers with agency goals to improve both service quality and client outcomes. Institute participants will learn to

  • Implement research into practice
  • Promote child and parent engagement
  • Achieve early childhood program outcomes
  • Embed evidence based strategies within service delivery

Early Intervention Training Institute

The Early Intervention Training Institute offers

Online courses.

We offer an array of courses that are ready for client organizations to host on their own websites or other online platforms. The courses combine instructional content with interactive slides, facilitated exchanges of information, and measurable end-of-course assessments that reflect the learning gained from course participation. Courses can also be customized to meet local or state level training needs. Each course accommodates all learning styles and follows commonly held principles of adult learning. Supporting resources that enhance the online learning experience and extend participant knowledge are presented through downloadable handouts, subject matter video clips, podcasts, self-tests, and training materials participants can review for ongoing, local, professional development.

On-location video.

Whether creating paradigm shifts in service delivery or conveying that state leadership or key stakeholders support new practice methodologies, customizable on-location video production can effectively give a local voice and personalization to your trainings. Through round-table dialogues, personal interviews, or case studies, we embed captured video content into customized training modules to deliver the greatest possible impact on state systems and provider practice. We combine prepared video clips with interactive instructional content to create highly effective learning experiences. Our videographer specializes in the production of human services films and sample video training modules are available for preview.

Early Intervention management consulting.

With experience and leadership across the field of early childhood, our experts offer on-location or facilitated consulting, training, analysis, and management services. Our work is designed to support state level policy and finance as well as align local provider practice and the delivery of high quality early childhood programming.

Our Expertise

We bring to each engagement more than 27 years of experience in the field of early childhood management consulting. Our Early Childhood Training Institute team is led by Heather Gann, a 15-year veteran in early childhood curriculum who has developed similar professional development training modules for a state early intervention system. With experiences in teaching, administering, and advising early childhood and early education programs, Ms. Gann brings subject matter expertise to the delivery and design of the Training Institute's practice-changing professional development modules.


PCG's mission in the production of these training modules is to position client organizations to deliver programs that promote positive developmental outcomes for children and families. We also aim to prepare a workforce within that system that is responsive to the needs of those it serves and that is positioned to create sustainable program growth.


Making a Difference in Student Achievement Using the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts
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