PCG is a leader in child welfare fiscal solutions. We assist organizations in obtaining the proper Title IV-E revenue, making accurate Title IV-E determinations and corresponding claims, preparing for ACF federal audits, and Random Moment Time Studies (RMTS). Our clients benefit from our national experience and expertise in child welfare operations, built upon more than two decades of working with state, county, and municipal child welfare organizations in 34 states. We employ subject matter experts and partner with nationally recognized organizations such as Casey Family Programs and APHSA. In addition, while we offer expertise in SSA, Medicaid and Medicare programs for both children and adults, we are the nation’s largest provider of these services to foster care agencies.

Fiscal Solution Services Include

Ongoing Quality Assurance

PCG assists states with Title IV-E determinations and redeterminations and claiming.

Federal and State Audit Prep/Ongoing Compliance Operations

PCG partners with states to prepare for federal and state reviews such as the Title IV-E review. Depending on your state’s needs, we can manage short-term preparation assignments as well as more long-term, internal auditing projects for ongoing compliance issues.

Random Moment Time Studies (RMTS)

Automated systems, quality assurance, guidance

Cost Allocation Plans

PCG partners with agencies to maximize funds and assess compliance.

Revenue Maximization

PCG conducts case reviews and business process improvements to enhance revenue maximization.

Federal Plan and Reporting Services

PCG assists states with all aspects of federally mandated reporting, including: annual requirements, those related to legislative changes, or any required federal responses resulting from program improvement plans or other audit findings. Our experts can engage in research, project management, and plan development on behalf of clients.

SSI/SSDI Advocacy

PCG connects vulnerable populations to additional income supports through our full service disability enrollment programs. These programs include screening, form completion, application filing and claim development throughout the life of each claim. We always act as legal representative and attend any face to face hearings scheduled for our claimants.

Benefits Management

PCG supports those who can’t advocate for themselves by providing comprehensive advocacy services include our specialized benefits management consulting services to state and county agencies. We can assist these organizations in regulation compliance and reporting requirements; furthermore, we work with organizations to develop their understanding of program guidelines related to how representative payees must handle SSI/SSDI funds – especially for children in foster care. An added component of our benefits management support involves data warehousing and analytical tools which assist with the pre-screening of large populations for potential SSI/SSDI eligibility. Currently, PCG’s screening process includes a combination of data mining techniques and onsite case file reviews. By gaining access to electronic information (such as Medicaid paid claims files, health and education passports, and medical records), our data analytics program compiles a disability score indicative of the level of an individual’s disability – information that aids in the pre-screening process.

Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Services

SSI eligible TAY require additional, specialized supportive services to prepare them for life outside of foster care and maintain as much self-sufficiency as possible. Often, states’ and counties’ find they need additional support and guidance when navigating this area of the foster care system. PCG provides technical assistance to agency staff and their TAY in foster care in the following areas: (1) service coordination assistance; (2) tools to maximize SSA work incentives; (3) workforce development services; and (4) money management skill building.

Key Project Examples

  • Completed a focused revenue maximization effort in anticipation of the Title IV-E waiver in Kentucky. Our team reviewed more than 1,000 cases previously determined as Not Eligible for Title IV-E. We worked with the eligibility staff to identify cases that could appropriately be claimed to Title IV-E. The increased claiming positively impacted the Commonwealth’s position going into waiver funding negotiations.
  • Assisted Pennsylvania with ongoing Title IV-E quality assurance and Random Moment Time Study administration for statewide child welfare and juvenile justice public agencies. Our team is tasked with assisting the state to see that Title IV-E claiming for all 67 counties is in compliance with state and federal requirements. The focus of this engagement is to perform and monitor an array of revenue management services, including: procedure and regulation consultation; administer the RMTS; county-wide quality assurance reviews related to Title IV-E eligibility determinations for both child welfare and juvenile probation cases; federal audit preparation; provider rate-setting consultation; Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project: Initial design, implementation, project management, and ongoing program/fiscal monitoring.
  • Conducted a Title IV-E claiming assessment and a business process review in Kentucky that supported recommendations for increasing federal revenue. The Department then contracted with PCG to compile a Title IV-E eligibility policy and procedure manual for Department staff as well as a training plan for new hires and ongoing professional development. The manual will be electronic and used for new hire training as well as ongoing technical assistance.


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