Our understanding of government agencies’ needs for driving sustainable change is built upon nearly three decades of experience – experience we use to continually refine our tools and methods for a truly customized approach for our government agency clients. PCG’s deliverables drive action through plain, specific, succinct language, and images, bringing clients swift solutions while building capacity for sustainability and continuous improvement. A key tenet of our process is leveraging opportunities where we can meet more than one objective in a single activity.

PCG Design and Sustainable Change Services Include

Child Family Service Review (CFSR)

PCG manages the CFSR process by leveraging PCG’s technology, PMP specialists, child welfare operations, and finance expertise.

Coaching Framework

PCG offers an innovative way to encourage growth and productivity in line staff by leveraging technology, executive function research, and proven methodologies.

Facilitation and Strategic Planning

PCG can help successfully coordinate strategic planning on many levels. PCG supports agency strategic planning by facilitating leadership meetings, managing stakeholder engagement, and overseeing the development of outcomes and objectives.

Title IV-E Foster Care Case Reviews

PCG can help maintain federal compliance with case reviews, enhance Title IV-E Foster Care and Adoption Assistance revenue, and manage Title IV-E eligibility determination processes.

CFSR Support/Ongoing Quality Service Review (QSR) Activities

PCG’s team includes former federal reviewers and personnel experienced with state level CFSR activities and Program Improvement Plan (PIP) development. We support your state’s CFSR preparation efforts, project management of the review itself, as well as the development and oversight of any required planning. We also assist in the design and operations of ongoing QSR processes which can lead to meaningful system improvements.

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Research and Implementation

PCG assists states with the identification of target populations and related EBPs to aid their Title IV-E waiver design. Our team can help your state establish priority needs, EBP research, and project management activities based on implementation best practices.

Federal Plan and Reporting Services

PCG assists states with all aspects of federally mandated reporting, including: annual requirements, those related to legislative changes, or any required federal responses resulting from program improvement plans or other audit findings. Our experts can engage in research, project management, and plan development on behalf of clients.

Legislative Response Planning and Implementation

Legislation such as Fostering Connections and the recent Sex-Trafficking act requires states to act quickly in terms of policy development, legislative recommendations, and impact analysis on all human services activities. PCG can provide expert consultation and project management activities to oversee appropriate state responses.

Payment Model Design and Rate Setting

PCG can assess program design by doing a cost analysis, utilization analysis, development of risk pools/corridors and an analysis of associations between cost and performance.

Administrative Model Design

Payment strategies, network development, business process.

Implementation Planning

PCG can take program design to the next level by setting up strong foundations for implementation via action planning and ensure sustained success with implementation monitoring.

Performance Monitoring

PCG can help support sustainable change by managing reporting, data dashboards, capacity building, continuous quality improvement, training and technical assistance.

Key Project Examples:

  • PCG reviewed North Carolina’s candidacy documentation requirements to provide quality assurance and technical assistance to a sampling of six counties across the state. Onsite visits were conducted by PCG with county case workers, supervisors, and fiscal staff to understand and review sample case files. PCG’s resulting report provided statewide guidance for properly identifying and documenting Title IV-E candidates for claiming.
  • PCG is currently assisting Pennsylvania with ongoing Title IV-E quality assurance and Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) administration for statewide child welfare and juvenile justice public agencies. Our team is tasked with helping the state to ensure that Title IV-E claiming for all 67 counties is in compliance with state and federal requirements. The focus of this engagement is to perform and monitor an array of revenue management services, including: procedure and regulation consultation; RMTS administration; county-wide quality assurance reviews related to Title IV-E eligibility determinations for both child welfare and juvenile probation cases; federal audit preparation; provider rate-setting consultation; and the Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project (initial design, implementation, project management, and ongoing program/fiscal monitoring).

More Information

For more information about PCG Human Service's Child Welfare Design and Sustainable Change Services please contact us at info@publicconsultinggroup.com or 1-800-210-6113.