Keeping your Title IV-E Waiver on track: Waiver partnership with Public Consulting Group


Your Application has been approved, your Terms & Conditions have been signed – but your Title IV-E Waiver journey is just beginning. Public Consulting Group (PCG), a national leader in Title IV-E Waiver development and implementation, can help your state navigate this process through shoulder-to-shoulder support, expert insight and analysis, and ongoing project management.

Shoulder-To-Shoulder Support Saves Your Staff Time

In addition to developing and implementing a successful Child Welfare Demonstration Project, your agency is also responsible for producing numerous deliverables for the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) before and during Waiver implementation. These deliverables are all useful tools to help your state refine the Waiver project and keep it on track – but they take time and effort. PCG's team will work with your staff to develop and produce highquality documents to aid your Waiver process and respond to ACF's requirements, supporting you through any subsequent questions from your federal partners.

Expert Insight and Analysis Enhances Your Project

PCG's programmatic and fiscal experts have been involved with Waiver development and implementation in 11 states. Our team includes former ACF staff, a former state child welfare department director, and former state budget and program staff. Our teams understand how Title IV-E and other funding streams come together to support child welfare services and how the Waiver changes the nature of your work. Our fiscal services include:

  • Analysis to support negotiation (and re-negotiation) of capped allocations
  • Development and submission of Cost Allocation Plan (CAP) amendments
  • Monitoring spending under the capped allocation
  • Monitoring cost effectiveness of the demonstration project
  • Assistance with Waiver claiming and reporting on the CB-496
  • Optimization of other federal funding streams including SSI and Medicaid

Diligent Project Management Keep Complex Processing Moving

PCG brings an unmatched combination of Waiver expertise and project management that uniquely positions us to help your state navigate the Waiver process in a timely and well-organized manner.

Project Management

After partnering with clients under the previous Waiver authority and all three rounds of the current Waiver authority, we can help you get the most out of each federally required activity.

PCG Has Assisted With Waiver Deliverables Including

  • Project and Application Development
  • Initial Design and Implementation Report
  • Fiscal Analysis for Capped Allocation
  • Cost Neutrality Monitoring
  • Accounting of Investments
  • Evaluation Plan
  • Semiannual Reports
  • Developmental Cost Claiming
  • Quarterly Claim Development
  • Ongoing Evaluation Cost Claiming

Demonstration Projects

Title IV-E Waiver Myths and Facts

MYTH: If my state chooses to implement a waiver, we no longer have to do Title IV-E eligibility determinations or a time study.


FACT: ACF continues to require states under a waiver to perform Title IV-E eligibility determinations. Continuing to do Title IV-E eligibility determinations also helps states monitor throughout the waiver whether the waiver funding is advantageous to the state. Additionally, states may be subject to ongoing ACF Title IV-E reviews.


States also generally continue to conduct time studies as part of the waiver funding analysis and to develop administrative claims for programs that could be negotiated outside of the waiver, like Adoption Assistance or Guardianship Assistance Programs.


Despite the need to continue determining eligibility and conducting time studies, now may be the time to consider whether there are efficiencies to be gained or ways to scale back current operations to reduce the burden on state and contracted staff.


MYTH: Title IV-E waivers set Title IV-E funding at one amount that is the same every year of the waiver.


FACT: ACF has authorized waiver funding in which the first year of waiver funding acts as a base year, and there is a positive or negative adjustment factor that is (generally) calculated based on revenue trends in the three to five years prior to the waiver.


Moreover, the allocation in your Terms & Conditions is not set in stone. It is important to monitor both the outcomes and the fiscal health of your child welfare system under the waiver and evaluate whether the waiver continues to be right for your state. If the answer is "our demonstration project seems to be working but the dollars are not" there may be an opportunity to work with ACF to renegotiate the capped allocation.


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PCG can be your partner – both reducing the burden of the waiver process and helping your demonstration project to be as effective as possible in improving safety, well-being, and permanency for children and families in your state.For more information about PCG Human Service's Title IV-E Waiver Services please contact us at or 1-800-210-6113.