The distribution of federal funds to the state’s cognizant agency is contingent on the successful development of a state plan that demonstrates to the federal agency how the funds will meet the requirements of the specific fund source and how the clients will be best served.  The state plan is the principal tool used for holding states to compliance issues through federal reviews or audits. PCG Human Services™ has worked closely with states to ensure that every facet of the program is captured to ensure federal reimbursement.


Prior to reimbursement, Title IV-E Foster Care and Adoption Services, Title IV-B, subpart 1, Promoting Safe and Stable Families, Chafee Independent Services, Child Abuse, Prevention and Training Act (CAPTA) funds, Community-Based Family Services, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families each require a state plan to ensure the utilization of federal funds in cooperation with the state specific guidelines and requirements.


PCG Human Services understands the unique requirements of each federal fund source, and understands how using the funds collectively maximizes benefits of the funds and enhances and strengthens the services to the intended clients. We can provide states with examples of how collaborative fund source development through the state plan mechanism ensures federal approval. 

Ask us about our State Plan Development work for

  • Massachusetts Department of Social Services
  • State of Mississippi

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