Local, county and state agencies are experiencing unprecedented reductions in public dollars across the country, while not being relieved of federally mandated requirements to provide services that ensure the safety, well-being, and permanency of all children under purview. For many states, services such as prevention of child abuse programs, prevention and family preservation services, in-home supervision, foster care and adoption services case management, and independent living skill programs are often outsourced.  With each outsourcing opportunity, the public agency divests significant funds to non-profit entities for development and execution of major child protection services. 


When federal funds are contracted out to non-profit agencies, the rules, regulations, and guidelines for each fund source accompany the funds. Even though a non-profit is governed by a different set of federal cost principles (Office of Management and Budget Circular A-122), the requirements for the funds remain. PCG Human Services™ has worked closely with state agencies in determining and isolating processes for tracking, recording, and auditing the costs that are passed on to contractors. We have worked with mechanisms that effectively trace expenditures to the contracted entity’s cost allocation plan, through their accounting system, and eventually through reporting as a federal expenditure. 


PCG Human Services provides expert assistance in developing monitoring models that lead to a local, county, or state agency’s confidence in public funds being expended appropriately and efficiently for the most vulnerable citizens served by the public agency.

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