Applied Technology

Technology should help you do your work better—not create more work and strain your budget. Recently, the federal government changed the requirements for child welfare information systems, paving the way for more modern systems with new requirements. PCG can help.

Our technology consultants live by the motto “There is no such thing as an IT project.” For us, technology is about supporting good casework, good financial management, and good administration, making each individual's work better, and easier to accomplish. 

Title IV-E Cost Report and Rate Setting Software

PCG offers fully customizable software to help agencies streamline their rate-setting efforts.


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EasyRMTSTM - Random Moment Time Studies (RMTS)

Whether you’re in need of a quarterly Random Moment Time Study in the area of child welfare or school-based medical services, or you need a time-limited time study for rate setting purposes, PCG can help. We’re a national leader in the development and administration of RMTS, able to help you secure maximum recovery of available federal funds, and compliance with all state and federal regulations.

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AlloTracTM - 100% Time Tracking System

Our proprietary web-based AlloTrac software makes it simple and manageable to administer and tally the results of your time tracking on a quarterly basis. We both administer AlloTrac for our clients and make it available to those who choose to do their own time tracking.

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