Is your cost reporting and cost settlement process as efficient as it could be?


The typical cost reporting and cost settlement process for a state Medicaid agency involves antiquated technology, Excel spreadsheets, or paper cost reports. These methods require a manual review process that delays settlements to both the agency and the provider community. Now your agency can improve compliance and save time and cost with PCG Health's Web-based Medicaid Cost Reporting and Claiming System (MCRCS).

The Problem

New cost reporting and settlement processes.

State Medicaid agencies require various school-based health providers to submit annual Medicaid cost reports for cost reconciliation and settlement purposes. Each state Medicaid agency must ensure that payments for the administration and delivery of services to Medicaid recipients are accurate and efficient in order for those services to be reimbursed on a reasonable cost basis. Typically, outdated state processes and forms require a manual and inefficient process that delays settlements to both the agency and the school district. For example, a number of staff resources are required to review the content of reports, provide ongoing training and instruction to the provider on cost report processes, process audit adjustments, calculate cost settlement results, and leverage historical cost report data to update and recalibrate interim payment rates.

The Solution

Automated cost reporting and cost settlement with PCG's Web-based technology.

PCG Health solves the inefficiencies of the cost reporting and cost settlement processes with its Medicaid Cost Reporting and Claiming System (MCRCS). PCG is one of the few firms in the country to offer Medicaid agencies and school-health providers an end-to-end cost reporting solution, supported by an expert staff.


Most cost reporting processes or applications are administratively burdensome and hinder the provider from efficiently completing Medicaid cost reporting requirements. PCG Health's MCRCS System allows providers to:

  • add additional users with unique user access to allow multiple parties to complete cost reporting requirements simultaneously;
  • access the system from any computer with an Internet connection;
  • access and edit centralized data;
  • certify the cost report online for expedited review.

Website Configuration

PCG Health will customize our application to ensure that it meets and adheres to the current cost reporting requirements of your various programs, with

  • system configuration to ensure cost reporting forms and calculations, replicate current processes;
  • built-in automated cost calculations;
  • pre-loading of general provider information;
  • user level access and secure authentication;
  • customization of audit and edit checks to reduce common reporting errors.

Cost Reporting and Cost Settlement Processing

Many agencies utilize PCG to help providers to prepare cost reports and then review, audit, and complete Medicaid cost settlements on an annual basis. PCG Health will

  • staff help-lines for questions related to the cost reporting submission process;
  • keep the agency informed of worker/regional patterns for help line questions, negative response rates, and positive response rates;
  • review cost report data for appropriateness;
  • perform statistical analyses to determine cost outliers;
  • aggregate Medicaid interim payment data and compare to as filed results;

Technical Assistance and Training

PCG has unique and unparalleled offerings related to documentation. PCG Health offers services including

  • development and updating of procedure manuals for administration staff;
  • development and updating of cost reporting instructions for providers;
  • in-person and online training sessions and tutorials;
  • a toll free hotline to answer cost reporting and application questions.


PCG Health's MCRCS automates the cost reporting and settlement processes in order to

  • improve compliance by embedding system edit and audit checks;
  • simplify the cost reporting process by implementing a step-by step process for completion;
  • streamline calculation processes by allowing for import and export of files;
  • provide management and oversight reports;
  • allow for posting of important cost reporting notices;
  • allow for posting of training materials.

PCG has nearly 25 years of experience with state Medicaid consulting engagements. In addition to MCRCS, our expert cost reporting and cost settlement staff members have an in-depth understanding of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-87 (2 CFR Part 225) and the new Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements (2 CFR Part 200) in addition to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Provider Reimbursement Manual (PRM – 15) and can provides guidance on the permissibility of Medicaid costs. Contact us today for more information on how PCG can assist you with the automation of cost reporting and settlement processes.


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