PCG Health™ can maximize the recovery of funds and assess structural and fiscal issues that impede your agency or county’s ability to maximize its revenue. We can also help ensure your agency’s practices are compliant with all federal and state regulations, including Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-87 (2 CFR Part 225) and the new Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements (2 CFR Part 200). A key focus of PCG Health’s efforts is the documentation of practices so plans can be prepared consistently, even in the face of staff turnover.

PCG Health's Cost Allocation Plan (CAP) services include

Cost Allocation/Indirect Rate Development

PCG Health helps agencies develop cost allocation plans and, with our AlloCAP™ software system, works with agencies to streamline and/or automate existing plans. PCG Health can also develop indirect cost rates where a full cost allocation plan is not required. Services may include

  • Customized plan or rate for your identified needs;
  • Elimination of duplicative claiming;
  • Increased revenue recovery;
  • Results for administrative claiming;
  • Indirect cost rates and/or rate setting;
  • Staff training negotiation with cognizant agencies;
  • Procedural documentation.


Many agencies look to PCG Health to fully prepare their cost allocation plans on a quarterly or annual basis. PCG Health will

  • Obtain expenditure reports;
  • Collect and analyze statistical information;
  • Import expenditure data and process allocations using AlloCAP;
  • Assist with all federal reports and claiming;
  • Update rate setting;
  • Prepare cost allocation plan amendments;
  • Negotiate changes with agencies;
  • Maintain documentation and procedures;
  • Develop ad hoc management and quality control reports with AlloCAP.

Time Studies

PCG Health offers numerous time study options and offers its unique software, EasyRMTS™, to makes time studies uncomplicated and easy to manage. Services include

  • Review and modification of existing time studies;
  • Hosting of EasyRMTS, a web-based random moment time study (RMTS) tool
  • Develop agency or school based time studies; Learn more about PCG Health's RMTS Services



100% Time Tracking Systems

PCG Health offers numerous time tracking options and offers its unique software, AlloTrac™, to make time tracking processes uncomplicated and easy to manage. Services include

  • Review and modification of existing time tracking processes;
  • Hosting of AlloTrac, a web-based 100% time tracking tool;
  • Develop agency or school based time tracking systems. Learn more about PCG Health's RMTS Services



Technical Assistance and Training

To ensure the smooth implementation of our services, PCG Health offers services including

  • Focus groups comprised of time study participants or claim preparers;
  • Evaluation procedures;
  • Train-the-trainer meetings and participant training sessions.

Among our clients

  • Harris County, Texas
  • Maryland Department of Human Resources
  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services
  • Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
  • Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Single state agencies (under the Social Security Act) must prepare cost al location plans. PCG Health can help to ensure compliance with these requirements and avoid audit risk.
  • PCG Health can assist with revenue recovery, retention, and maximization.

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For more information about PCG Health's Cost Allocation Plan (CAP) Services please contact us at info@publicconsultinggroup.com or 1-800-210-6113.