PCG Health™ can assist your agency or organization to develop and deliver a training curriculum to better help your staff understand the complex regulatory world in which we operate.


PCG Health delivers regular training sessions on Medicaid and Cost Allocation on behalf of the National Association of State Human Services Finance Officers (HSFo). Upcoming trainings can be found at www.hsfo.com. Courses offered include Medicaid I, Medicaid II, Cost Allocation for Human Services Agencies, and Advanced Cost Allocation. Specific topics include


  • Regulatory Overview
  • Rate Setting
  • Targeted Case Management (TCM)
  • Funding for Inpatient Facilities
  • Funding for Community-Based Programs and Waivers
  • Rehabilitative Services Option
  • School Based Billing
  •  Medicaid Administration

Cost Allocation

  • What is a public assistance cost allocation plan?
  • How do you prepare and amend a plan?
  • Allocation Methodologies
  • Time Studies

PCG Health has also worked specifically with state agencies to design state-specific curriculums on the above topics and other programs, including Child Welfare financing, including Title IV-E; Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF); and Child Care Funding.


Curriculums may be 1-3 days and may be developed at the introductory level or offered to more experienced staff. PCG Health’s national experience greatly aids states who often understand only their unique situation and not what other opportunities may exist. PCG Health curriculums may also include discussion of “hot topics” which include changes in programs and new initiatives, such as the PERM (Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM) initiative.

Among our clients

  • Alaska Department of Human and Social Services
  • National Association of State Human Services Finance Officers
  • Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services


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