How can your state maximize its ability to access federal grants to support its rebalancing efforts?


PCG Health™ helps states expand their community-based and consumer-directed services and reduce dependence on institutional care through a variety of consulting services that are customized to address a state’s needs at any stage of a rebalancing effort.

Service Delivery Strategies

PCG Health assists with a variety of consulting solutions that increase the efficiency of service and supports delivery and create better outcomes for individuals, including

  • Strategic Planning for Rebalancing Initiatives
  • Service Delivery Systems Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Quality Management and Best Practices Research and Analysis
  • Stakeholder Involvement
  • Assessment of Consumer Outcomes

Compliance and Administration

PCG Health offers an array of services to meet the challenges of creating systems that are stable, predictable, adaptable, and compliant with federal statutes, including

  • Grant Application Strategy
  • Grant Operational Protocols
  • Regulatory and Grant Compliance
  • Program Evaluation
  • Quality Management and Improvement Strategies
  • CMS Waiver and State Plan Analysis and Development
  • CMS Policies and Regulations Assistance

Financial Systems

PCG Health develops processes to manage costs, deliver timely and appropriate procurements, create documentation of and payment for services, and integrate information technology through:

  • Program Cost Determination
  • Reimbursement and Rate Setting Methodologies
  • Financial System Development and Implementation
  • Cost Allocation Plan Development
  • Quality Management and Improvement Strategies
  • Medicaid Billing and Claiming

Technology Assessment

PCG Health helps implement new technology applications and programs including

  • Functional Requirements Assessment
  • Systems Procurement Assistance
  • Project Management
  • Management and Service Delivery Staff Training

More Information

For more information about PCG Health's Medicaid Rebalancing Services please contact us at or 1-800-210-6113.