You've done the work to connect your technology, programs, and operations. Now harness the power of collaboration to reap the benefits of full interoperability across your state's health and human services. We can help.


Our Expertise

Since the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was signed into law in February, 2009, PCG has been at the forefront of strategy, design, planning, and implementation for Medicaid agencies and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) across the country. We have first-hand knowledge of states' successes and challenges with making electronic health record (EHR) incentive payments to their providers. We also know the connections needed between Medicaid agencies and the HIEs and the hard work that's been done and continues to be needed to establish robust statewide HIE and interoperable health information technology (HIT). PCG has worked in close partnerships with states to advise on emerging best practices, understand the trends, and develop strategic plans and next steps.


For our Medicaid clients, PCG has analyzed the "As-Is" existing HIT/HIE capabilities across states, has provided strategic guidance for the "To-Be," vision, and has helped states to create their "Road Maps" to implement their strategic visions. The PCG-developed State Medicaid HIT Plans (SMHP) were all approved quickly and our clients were among the first to make incentive payments; we have first-hand knowledge of the lessons learned. We are currently assessing strategic direction and funding for statewide HIEs with sustainability challenges. The funding strategies for states' HIT/HIE plans continue to be complex and require expertise across the different funding streams. PCG has worked with diverse state clients to define and evaluate the Medicaid role in statewide HIE. Let us help your state sort through the confusing and complex HIE landscape to define the best path forward.

Reap the Benefits

Now is the time for states to achieve interoperability across their health and human services organizations. Take advantage of the current opportunities to make health care delivery systems more efficient and cost-effective and to establish patient-centered medical homes using quantifiable, measurable data points to achieve great health outcomes. HIT/HIE works with you to achieve your program goals!

Our Services

Our HIT/HIE project management team relies on an experienced, disciplined approach; operational expertise; and the right blend of subject matter expertise and credentialed PMPs to helps states use their HIT/HIE assets to improve Medicaid service delivery, contain costs, and maintain compliance with all federal and state regulations.


PCG understands how to make the most of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) investments and can assist with

  • HIT/HIE strategic and operational planning


    • As-Is documentation
    • To-Be visioning
    • Road Map design
    • Implementation Advance Planning Document
  • Medicaid enterprise IT system planning


    • MITA assessments
  • EHR Incentive Program


    • Payments processes
    • Business process redesign
    • MU compliance and regulatory requirements
    • Audits

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Download the Medicaid HIT/HIE Strategic and Operational Consulting Datasheet

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