Health Care Reform requires major changes to health related policies, programs, and operations for all states. Big changes require frequent, accurate, high impact, and open communications with state and community leaders, consumers, public coverage program members, advocacy organizations, insurance issuers, business owners, and other key stakeholders. The requirement to provide one-stop shopping requires designing and implementing consumer-friendly, highly efficient, multi-channel contact center solutions that connect consumers to insurance products cost-effectively and accurately.

PCG Services

PCG, a national, results-driven leader in consulting to state health and human services agencies for more than 25 years, can provide the tools and expertise to help your organization successfully identify, reach, and serve all stakeholders in your state.

We offer a variety of services, including

  • Stakeholder outreach and engagement, including campaign management
  • Communications planning
  • Customer contact center design, implementation, and operations
  • Staff training
  • Change management
  • Consumer outreach and education

PCG Experience

Our experience working with stakeholders of vastly different backgrounds and ideals allows us to tailor our design and approach to ensure that the message is delivered, understood, and internalized by all who will be affected by policy and program changes.

PCG designs, implements, and operates Health Insurance Exchanges that support consumers, employers, employees, brokers, navigators and all stakeholders, connecting individuals, businesses, and families with insurance products. PCG’s value to our clients is our proven ability to develop solutions tailored to meet state-specific needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Health care reform imposes profound changes on the insurance marketplace – streamlining the insurance shopping experience through the creation of a single point of entry that serves businesses, individuals, and families.   Implementing these transformations requires deep knowledge of both public and commercial sector marketplace, and the ability to empower, educate and guide multiple stakeholders through such changes.   Strategic communication planning, including campaign management and contact center planning and operations that yield proven and measurable results is a PCG promise that we keep without fail.

More Information

For more information on how we can help your state or organization design and implement these programs, please contact us at or 1-800-210-6113.