Health and human services agencies are constantly challenged to secure new revenue streams to support the increased demands for their programs and services.  With demands on funding for safety net services for needy and aging citizens driving health care and other social service costs to all-time highs, state agencies must pursue a comprehensive strategy to identify sustainable funding streams to support their missions.

Revenue Enhancement – the PCG Health™ Approach

Many state health and human services (HHS) agencies are not optimizing revenues because of outdated practices, incomplete data, and incomplete implementation of federal and state policy changes.  Staffing and resources are often limited and do not allow for prioritizing revenue projects that could yield significant results.


The experienced professionals at PCG Health will work with your agency to design a comprehensive solution for your revenue needs.  Our team will help you understand why issues occur and how to combat them, and will get you on your way to becoming a more revenue-focused organization.  Our revenue enhancement initiatives use proven techniques and automated tools to assist budget and finance agencies, HHS agencies, and school districts to identify, quantify, and capture additional sources of revenue with minimal risk.

PCG Health' Revenue Enhancement Services

PCG Health will conduct a thorough analysis of your policies and procedures to pinpoint valid revenue enhancement opportunities and put into place a program to help you achieve optimum results.  Our goal is to develop strategies and procedures that produce sustainable funding streams to responsibly recover the revenue to which you are entitled, in compliance with all federal and state regulations.


Our revenue enhancement team has successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients by tailoring programs to meet their needs.  We have extensive experience with

Funds Recovery

Continuous, persistent, automated processes that are fully supported with regulatory justification and the underlying processes and documentation to withstand audit scrutiny.

Eligibility Enhancement

Development of processes and technologies designed to ensure that all populations have applied for and been determined eligible for benefits and insurance, where possible.

Rate Setting

Rigorous reviews of agency cost structures and service mixes to design, develop, and implement the correct rate setting techniques to maximize the recovery of general fund dollars.

Direct and Indirect Cost Identification

Full cost analysis to determine the true costs for operating programs and services.  This includes measuring the fixed and variable costs related to agency operations and allocating those costs in a manner that benefits all federal and state funding sources.

Cost Allocation Plan (CAP) and Indirect Cost Rate Development

Use of our proprietary AlloCAP™ CAP software to fully automate and enhance the cost allocation or indirect cost rate process. PCG’s technologies are highly effective at allocating administrative and operational overhead to improve cost determination and federal funds recovery.

Among our clients

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Health and Human Services
  • North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance
  • Wisconsin Department of Health Services

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