For clients looking to initiate quality management (QM) Programs, PCG Health guides them through the design and implementation process. For clients who already have QM capabilities in place, PCG Health™ can review the current QM system as a whole or focus on individual components and make recommendations for improvement.

PCG Health Expertise

PCG Health has experience helping clients design and implement Quality Management Programs in the major behavioral health domains of mental health, substance use, and mental retardation/ developmental disabilities. We understand the unique nature of each of these areas, and the importance of creating connections across them.  Increasingly, we see clients working to coordinate behavioral health services with other domains such as social services and the justice system. We have found that QM programs can foster and support these cooperative efforts by identifying common goals, defining linkages, and improving communication across organizational boundaries.


PCG Health’s Quality Management clients include state and county behavioral health agencies, as well as behavioral health providers such as community hospitals. We understand the roles these different organizations play within a behavioral health system and their differing needs and capacities for QM activities. With extensive experience in the public sector, PCG Health also understands the intricacies of complying with regulations and reporting requirements and brings this expertise to all of its behavioral health QM work.

PCG Health works with clients to

Establish a vision for the QM Program based on the mission and values of the organization. Identify specific goals for QM activities aligned with the larger organization’s objectives and priorities.

Design an organizational structure to provide QM capabilities by defining

  • leadership positions;
  • staff roles and responsibilities; committee structure; and
  • processes for stakeholder engagement.

Create a Performance Measurement Framework including

  • targeted indicators and metrics;
  • validated data collection instruments;
  • efficient data collection processes;
  • informative analytics; and
  • actionable reports.

Define the IT infrastructure requirements of the QM program including

  • systems and software to support data capture and communications;
  • data privacy and security;
  • data warehousing;
  • analyses;
  • data mining; and
  • report generation.

Outline an implementation plan for the QM Program that is sensitive to the client’s circumstances and achieves long-term goals through a step-wise process that provides tangible short-term system capabilities.

Among our clients

  • West Virginia Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities
  • Erie County, Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
  • Berkshire Medical Center, Massachusetts

More Information

For more information about PCG Health's Quality Management Services please contact us at or 1-800-210-6113.