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Teaching, Learning, and Leading

Schools and districts today face steep challenges as they strive to improve outcomes and meet increasingly rigorous standards. Finding and retaining the right people, making the most of new technologies, and supporting the increasingly diverse social and learning needs of their students takes focused expertise. PCG helps schools and districts across the country address their biggest challenges and get on track for better results.


Services Include

Closing the Achievement Gap

Closing the achievement gap is one of the great challenges facing school systems today. Through curriculum development, onsite or online staff training, technology tools, and student enrichment or parental support programs, PCG can help your district boost student achievement.

College and Career Readiness

PCG helps districts implement rigorous standards that provide a pathway for students to prepare for college or globally competitive career options. Known for our development of New York State's new English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum for grades 6-12, we’re ready to help customize and integrate curriculum, professional learning, and data-driven instructional services to help your students realize the promise of college and career readiness.

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Human Capital Support

Our consultants can work with your district to build capacity to identify, recruit, hire, onboard, develop, and maintain employees. The goal: to improve employee satisfaction and transform teaching and learning for all students, for better outcomes.

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Comprehensive School Reform

Helping significantly under-performing schools better engage and prepare students for college or globally competitive career options takes a comprehensive approach. PCG can help. Our school improvement consulting focuses on leadership, effective instruction, climate and culture, data use, and curriculum and assessment alignment, and leverages online tools to provide resources, support, and professional development.

Out of School Support

More and more schools are now augmenting the traditional school day as a way to provide additional support for families and students, remediate gaps, and develop well-rounded students. We can help, with:

  • Onsite parent workshops and support groups to help parents become true partners in their children’s learning.

  • Afterschool enrichment programs with options to include science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)/21st Century Skills, core curriculum exposure, and coding academies, as well as summer camp, intersession programs, and tutoring. 

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Early Childhood Education

PCG can provide the framework and support to help districts and states transition to a rich and practical approach to universal early childhood with high quality instruction at its core to prepare all students for kindergarten and beyond. As your partner in early childhood education, PCG can:

  • Design and develop a globally competitive pre-K curriculum and educational approaches, in collaboration with leading research and policy institutes.

  • Provide a robust, tiered online certification program to support current and future pre-k teaching populations.

  • Develop sustainable programs made scalable with incentives for federal or locally-funded pre-k programs to upgrade skills and for existing employees to increase their compensation as they earn certification.

  • Provide more effective support for early childhood centers’ ongoing professional development and certification needs.

Blended Learning

To tap into the full potential of blended learning, you need the right training and support. PCG can provide the planning and implementation resources, tools, and professional learning to transform blended learning from a device-centric concept to truly effective and innovative personalized or blended learning.

  • Prepare your instructors and administrators to incorporate technology-based learning effectively with our “Blended 101” Leadership Guide, professional development programs, and comprehensive certificate program.

  • Our digital learning specialists can leverage your existing materials, expertise, and vision to design and deliver an interactive, online learning experience that’s personalized, cost-effective, and flexible.