Over the years the staff of PCG Education has authored many case studies, books and journal articles. Below is an archive of those materials.



Thinkquiry Toolkit 1

Meltzer, J., & Jackson, D. (Eds.). (2011). Thinkquiry Toolkit 1: Strategies to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary development across the content areas. Portsmouth, NH: Public Consulting Group. http://www.thinkquiry.com

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Guidelines for Developing an Effective District Literacy Action Plan

Meltzer, J., & Jackson, D. (2010). Guidelines for developing an effective district literacy action plan (Version 1.1). Malden MA: Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Public Consulting Group.


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PCG Educations Glossary of  RtI Terms

A concise glossary of terms with defintions related to RtI.


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Taking the Lead on Adolescent Literacy: Action Steps for School and District Leaders.

Judith Irvin, Nancy Dean, and Martha Jan Mickler. (in press). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.


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From No to Yes: A CTE Teacher's Journey in Literacy Instruction.

Susan Ziemba and Peter Gagnon. (2009, February). Techniques, 84(2), pp.8–9, Journal of the Association for Career and Technical Education's (ACTE).


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Answering the Questions that Count.

David Ronka, Mary Ann Lachat, and Rachel Slaughter. (2008, December/January 2009). Educational Leadership, 66(4), 18–24.

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Meeting the Challenge of Adolescent Literacy: Practical Ideas for Literacy Leaders.

Judith Irvin, Martha Jan Mickler, and Nancy Dean. (2008). Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

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Measuring Middle School Achievement Growth with Student Growth Percentile Methodology.

Rachel Slaughter. (2008, October) NERA Conference Proceedings, Paper 20.

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Designing Effective Content-Literacy Professional Development.

(2008, September). In perspective magazine, Ohio Resource Center.

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Taking Action on Adolescent Literacy: An Implementation Guide for School Leaders.

Judith L. Irvin, Julie Meltzer, and Melinda Dukes. (2007). Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).


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Improving Literacy and Learning at the Middle and High School Level: What Effective Literacy Leaders Know and Do.

(2007). In Adolescent Literacy Leadership Forum: Leading for Literacy: A Compendium of Best Practices for Successful Leadership in Adolescent Literacy (pp. 6–9). A Project of the Ohio Resource Center and the Ohio Department of Education. Learn More



Organizing for Collaborative Work: Pond Cove Elementary School Lays the Groundwork.

David P. Ronka. (2007). In K. P. Boudett and J. L. Steele (Eds.), Data Wise in Action: Stories of Schools Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning (chapter 1, pp. 11–28). Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.


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Collaborative Program Evaluation

The Power of Collaborative Program Evaluation


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College and Career Readiness

Realizing the Promise of College-and Career-Ready Standards


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Common Core Standards

Making a Difference in Student Achievement Using the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts: What School and District Leaders Need to Know


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Data Use

Creating Actionable Change in the Least Restrictive Environment


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District Data Teams

District Data Teams: A Leadership Structure for Improving Student Achievement


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Education Analytics

A Practical Framework for Building a Data-Driven District or School: How a Focus on Data Quality, Capacity, and Culture Supports Data-Driven Action to Improve Student Outcomes


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Progress Monitoring/Data Collection

Progress Monitoring with Data Collection of IEP Annual Goals


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Rebooting Classrooms from the Bottom up

Real World Case Studies: Best Practicves and Key Considerations for Adopting Google for Education


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Response to Intervention (RtI)

Practical Ideas and Promising Practices for Effective District Response to Instruction/Intervention (RtI) Initiatives: Data Use Issues to Consider

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School and District Improvement

Tackling the Challenge of School Improvement: Identifying Promising Practices


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Section 504

The Impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act on Section 504


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Special Education

Using Data From Special Education Management Systems to Make Districtwide Instructional Improvements


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Universal Design for Learning and the Common Core ELA Standards

Rigorous Reading and Writing Istructions for All


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