PCG's Education's flexible learning solutions offer scalable K-12 educational supports for schools and districts. Our distinguished network of locally-based and highly motivated educators and professionals is committed to providing schools with research-based, effective instructional programs as well as personnel resources necessary for staff development, intervention initiatives, program implementation, supplemental instruction, and extended day.


Our Flexible Learning Platform allows us to support a school or district and expand its operational capacity and programming to fully meet the needs of both students and staff. All of our programs are customized to meet educators' current initiatives.

Services in this business line include

Daytime Interventions

We offer short-term, intensive instruction that ensure increased opportunities for engage learning.  Creating a dynamic environment can positively change the desired outcomes for a group of students.  Our skilled educators are able to foster learning goals in the regular classroom, in small group pull-out session with direct instruction, or in a customized program. 

Program Benefits:

  • Designed to use effective, thorough analysis of benchmark data, the alignment of instruction to student need, and dedicated, skilled personnel to manage the system.
  • Targeted, explicit instruction and skills enhancement for students based on individualized learning needs
  • Implemented using the curriculum of your choice, in any subject, based on school preference, or a recommended instructional solution from an educational publisher.
  • Detailed, bi-monthly program reporting
  • District and School wide program implementation creates consistency
  • Hiring and management of part-time personnel including payroll and benefits

EPIC Afterschool

Do you already have an afterschool program? Are you considering starting one? You can re-engage students after the school rings with EPIC programming!  EPIC provides students with out-of-school time opportunities that encourage the development of essential social and academic skills.  EPIC Afterschool can be incorporated into existing K-8 afterschool programs or can be standalone.  All programs are fully customized and include all activities, supplies, and manipulatives. 

Program Objectives:

  • Promote the practice of aligned content in Literacy, Math, & STEM
  • Connect the real world to meaningful activities for students
  • Provide a positive environment for students
  • Coordinate effective Program Management

EPIC Summer Camp

Provide your students an EPIC summer where academics are bolstered, 21st century learning skills are developed, and summer learning loss is mitigated.  EPIC Summer Camps are available in these exciting themes for grades K-12: Leadership, Transition, Enrichment, Character Ed, Destination Imagination®, and Space. 

Our turnkey summer camp programs are designed to support the development of proficient communicators, creators, critical thinkers, and collaborators. Give you students the necessary skills to be college and career ready.


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Professional Development

Our job-embedded strategy for academic coaching is provided on multiple levels within the context of instructional services and can be integrated into school/district scheduling for shorter or more extended time periods, dependent upon the needs of staff.

 We feature two types of coaches, instructional and leadership.


Instructional Coaches – highly experienced educators with content and instructional expertise. Coaches will:

    • Provide personalized, 1:1 support based on the goals & identified needs
    • Work with teachers to support student learning & teacher practice

Leadership Coaches – experienced former district leadership to help strategically develop support systems and provide guidance regarding school-wide improvements. Coaches will:

    • Reflect, plan, and support change efforts
    • Examine current systems level policies and practices to facilitate organizational change leading to improved teaching & learning

Staffing & Payroll

Provision of temporary, contract and permanent staff placements.  We also offer a full range of recruiting, hiring, and payroll services to meet all school or district needs.

More Information

For more information about PCG Education's Direct Student Services (Educational Partnerships) please contact us at EPinfo@pcgus.com, or 888-826-1250, and by visiting www.educationalpartnerships.net