Are you confident in your special education program's ability to meet state and federal reporting requirements and promote student success?


PCG Education is a leading provider of comprehensive, Web-based student case management solutions for special education. When combined with the expertise of PCG Education professionals who understand education, educational organizations, and how to effectively guide a school district through a comprehensive implementation process, our systems can help districts successfully plan, implement, and manage students' individualized education plans (IEPs) in a manner that increases teachers' time with students and helps districts to achieve federal and state compliance.


PCG Education is a leading national provider of data solutions that promote student success. We combine 25 years of K – 12 consulting expertise with innovative technology and research-based methodology to help educators
make informed decisions that lead to improved student outcomes. Our innovative special education management tools and services help districts plan, implement, and manage students' individualized education plans (IEP) and meet state/federal reporting requirements. PCG Education applications are used in more U.S. schools than any other online special education case management tools.

System Features

  • Compliance and event alerts with flexible parameters.
  • 'Virtual' file cabinet to store each student's special education-related documents.
  • Teacher credential tracking.
  • Intuitive, built-in compliance measures.
  • EasyFax™, an option that gives districts the ability to easily capture and convert paper documents to paperless format.
  • PCG Notifier, a Web-based communication tool that schedules automated or text or voicemail alerts through EasyIEP™ and other EDPlan™ modules.
  • State-of-the-art advanced reporting and data analysis capabilities.
  • Recording, tracking, and management tools to readily produce IEP Summary of Performance documents.
  • Workflow support and centralized documentation for Child Find activities.
  • Transfer of records between districts
  • Integration of student data with district and state SIS.
  • Comprehensive training and support services.

System Benefits

  • Increases teacher time with students
  • Promotes data-driven decision making.
  • Supports progress monitoring efforts.
  • Reduces duplicate data entry.
  • Improves compliance.
  • Allows 24/7 system monitoring.

PCG special education management systems serve more than 1.2 million special education students across the U.S. Our systems include EasyIEP™, Goalview™, and IEP Online™.

PCG Educations's Special Education Management Subject Matter Experts

Rae Ann Gerhardt


Rae Ann Gerhardt brings over 30 years of special education program, policy, and funding leadership expertise to her role as a consultant for PCG Education. An expert in preschool special education, Rae Ann leads seminars on recommended practices for early intervention. Rae Ann's vast experience is highly valued among PCG Education staff members and clients.


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Victoria Snyder, Ph.D.


Dr. Victoria Snyder is a national special education/intervention services advisor for PCG Education. Dr. Snyder has 30 years of experience in teaching and special education district administration with programs for students with disabilities from birth to age 21. Dr. Snyder's experience includes emphases in state and federal compliance with IDEA and Medicaid, data reporting, and analysis, as well as instructional program design and delivery through results-based staff development.


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More Information

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