Will Weddleton PCG Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) Subject Matter Expert


Consumer-Directed Financial Management Services

As Chief Operating Officer of PCG Public Partnerships Will Weddleton is responsible for all of the company's internal operations and ensuring that all contractual requirements and business objectives are met. He provides overall project oversight and guidance in development, implementation and management of consumer-directed financial management services programs that serve persons with developmental disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, fragile health care needs, traumatic brain injuries and behavioral health needs. Mr. Weddleton has led the establishment of financial management services for a broad range of programs across the country including new waiver programs, Cash and Counseling, Money Follows the Person, Veterans Programs and Nursing Home Diversion Grant programs. These have ranged from new program start-ups to the transfer of the largest programs in the country with thousands of existing consumers. He has expert knowledge of the unique requirements of the Fiscal/Employer Agent and Agency with Choice models for providing financial management services. Mr. Weddleton is a charter Steering Committee Member of the Financial Management Services Membership Organization coordinated through the National Resource Center for Participant Directed Services, Boston College.


Mr. Weddleton has more than 25 years of business management experience in a broad range of industries. During 15 years at PerkinElmer (formerly EG&G, Inc.), a diversified, high-technology Fortune 500 company, he served in a variety of senior management positions in both operations locations and corporate headquarters. He also has extensive new business launch experience, having served as General Manager of several early-stage companies, including World Touch Group, LLC and the Internet start-up company, Kozmo.com. In addition, he served as Vice President, Business Manager of Vantage Direct Marketing Services. Mr. Weddleton started his career as a Submarine Officer in the US Navy. Areas of expertise include team leadership, business operations, new system implementation and integration, implementation of best practices, project management, quality assurance, and financial management.

Education and Interests

Mr. Weddleton has a BS in Economics from the Wharton School, a BS in Applied Science from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science, and an MBA in Finance from George Washington University. Mr. Weddleton is a recreational triathlete and a member of USA Triathlon Federation. He also promotes safe cycling as an alternate mode of transportation and is a member of MassBike, Liveable Streets, and Quincyles.

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