Participant Direction

PCG Public Partnerships

PCG Public Partnerships is a financial management services provider that helps public agencies in 25 states deliver and manage over $1 billion annually in a participantdirected service model for nearly 75,000 individuals with disabilities and other longterm care needs. Participants and their families can make choices about the type of home-based services, how they are delivered, and by whom. We provide robust internal controls, program integrity, and tools that help agencies manage ParticipantDirection programs more efficiently. .


PPL operates programs that serve more than 60,000 participants in 23 states; we manage more than $1 billion annually in participant budgets. PPL designs, implements, and manages consumer-directed programs that support a wide range of participants,

  • Adults and children with developmental disabilities
  • Adults and children with physical disabilities and chronic health problems
  • Adults at risk of nursing home placement
  • Adults with HIV/AIDS
  • Adults with acquired and traumatic brain injuries
  • Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) and their families
  • Children with autism and their families

Designing and supporting a consumer-directed service model requires new ways of doing business. PPL offers a comprehensive approach that includes

  • State-wide launch teams that provide on-site participant enrollment in programs;
  • Financial operations including budget management, payroll processing, federal and state and local tax filings, accounts payable, Medicaid claiming;
  • Customer service center and monthly reports to assist participants with managing their individual budgets;
  • Support staff that work with participants on budget development, purchasing decision, and hiring;
  • Best practices technology, including websites that allow participants to manage their budgets and expenditures, review provider qualifications and download Federal and state tax forms.

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Empowering individuals with disabilities and their families to manage their own care, supports, and funding.

PCG Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) provides financial management services to support participant direction. Participant-directed programs allow individuals to make choices about which services they receive, how they are delivered, and by whom, within their budgets. Each program is designed to meet the needs of participants and the financial controls required by public agencies.

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